October 8, 2006
Cuisine: French, Coffeehouses

2000 18th St NW, Washington 20009
At Vemon St NW

Phone: 202-319-1800
Website: www.lenfantcafe.com

Appetizer I: Cheese Board – Assorted imported cheese (Bleu, Brie, Swiss), seasonal fruit, baguette

What do you call a substantial snack that takes place between lunch and dinner? Afternoon Tea? Or “low tea” as the Brits sometimes call it. My beautiful friend James and I enjoyed low tea (without tea) at L’Enfant. The weather was gorgeous so we sat on the patio with quite a few other patrons. The ambiance was relaxing, the food was terrific, and the conversation was flowing.

James and I shared the cheese board and enjoyed water out of a tall bottle. The amount of cheese served was enough for a party of four or five, but that wasn’t really a problem because we have never encountered a cheese that we didn’t like. Bring it on.

The board consisted of two huge wedges of Brie and Bleu, a tall stack of Swiss, lots of red grapes and a few strawberries. The baguette was sliced into little rounds and was the perfect vehicle for the cheeses. James and I agreed that the creamy Brie was the best. However, I prefer my Brie without the rind, while James likes it with. The Bleu was tasty as well, but a bit overwhelming towards the end. We took the the Bleu “to go” for later. The Swiss was right on target–the perfect contrast between the mild Brie and the strong Bleu. We had to ask for seconds on bread because there was SO much cheese! The grapes were fabulous, as were the strawberries.

I’d definitely like to return to L’Enfant to try their sweet and savory crepes!


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