A Chau


January 16, 2007
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Deli

4644 El Cajon Blvd Ste 111
San Diego, CA 92115-4432

Phone: 619-281-4066
Website: none

Bánh Mì Bì Chả ($3)

One of my favorite traditions in San Diego is picking up some Bánh Mì at A Chau for my long flight back to Philadelphia. On our way to the airport, the Astronomer and I picked up two Bánh Mì Bì Chả and one Bánh Mì Nem Nướng for our long trip back east.

I enjoyed my Bánh Mì Bì Chả on the second leg of my flight. Of all the different combinations of Bánh Mì, the Bì Chả is far and away my favorite and A Chau makes it best. Bì is thinly shredded pork mixed with cooked and thinly shredded pork skin. Chả are Vietnamese meats spiced and flavored in a multitude of ways and is often ground to a paste and cooked. Chả is often referred to as Vietnamese sausages or sometimes steamed pâté rolls. The difference in taste and texture between the Bì, Chả, and pickled vegetables is what makes this sandwich so delicious! The onion oil adds another dimension in flavor as well.

The Astronomer ate his Bánh Mì Nem Nướng on the second leg of the flight as well. Nem Nướng is barbecued Vietnamese meatballs. They are often reddish in color and grilled on skewers like kabobs. Ingredients in the marinade include fish sauce. He enjoyed his sandwich immensely.


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