January 20, 2007
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Italian

Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Filbert
Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215-923-6175
Website: none

Roast Beef Sandwich with Sharp Provolone ($6.25)

One of the Astronomer’s favorite vendors at the Reading Terminal Market is DiNic’s. We stopped there for a quick bite on Saturday while shopping for produce at the market. Since we arrived late in the afternoon, DiNic’s only had roast beef sandwiches left. The customer ahead of us assured us it was great, so we ordered it.

The roast beef sandwich was INCREDIBLE; I’ve had none better. The meat was thinly sliced and moist. The bread was sturdy, yet soft and fragrant. And the provolone was flavorful and strong. The roast beef’s drippings atop the sandwich tied the bread, meat, and cheese together beautifully. DiNic’s sandwiches are truly out of this world! I can’t wait to try their famous Roast Pork Sandwich on my next visit.


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