K.C.’s Pastries


March 3, 2007
Cuisine: Chinese Bakery

145 N. 11th St.
Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 215-351-1177
Website: none

Curry Beef Puff ($1)

When I’m short on dried mushrooms, oyster sauce, or mock meet, I head to the “Asia Supermarket” in Chinatown to refresh my supplies. While I’m buying groceries, The Astronomer always picks up a treat at K.C.’s Pastries next door. The “corn fritter” has always been his favorite, but on our visit they were fresh out. In a savory mood, The Astronomer chose the Curry Beef Puff.

The puff was almost identical in composition to Vietnamese Bánh Pâté Chaud, but with a curry twist. The pastry shell was buttery and flaky and the beef was slightly spicy, but not plentiful. I’ve tried a number of baked goods at K.C.’s over the years and they’ve always hit the spot whether sweet, savory, or somewhere in between.


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