Day by Day

June 14, 2007
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Soups

2101 Sansom St, Philadelphia 19103
At 21st Street

Phone: 215-564-5540

Italian Bread (complimentary)

Quiche Lorraine ($7.50)

Turkey Club with bacon, lettuce & tomato on Italian bread served with Red Bliss Potato ($8.50)

Panini with Smoked Turkey, Cheddar and Mango Chutney ($7)

After two years of observing the staffers from Day by Day smoking by the dumpster, unloading delivery trucks, and packing up catering vans as I walked to work each morning, it was nice to finally sample their offerings on a recent lunch date with Wes and Wayne. Day by Day serves up soups, sandwiches, and a variety of weekly specials colorfully written on blackboards both outside and inside the restaurant. Most of their fare is classic Americana, but there are a few Asian, Latin, and Southern twists thrown in to keep things from veering toward boring. 

Wes ordered a turkey club with bacon, while Wayne had the quiche Lorraine. Wayne thought the quiche was great and really hit the mark. Day by Day offers a different variety of quiche each week. Wes liked his sandwich as well, but didn’t have much of an appetite this afternoon which was a shame.

I thoroughly enjoyed my panini with smoked turkey, cheddar and mango chutney. The multigrain bread was especially memorable, as was the mango chutney which was sweet, sticky, and tart. I love sandwiches with fruity elements! The panini was served atop a lightly dressed bed of greens that was quite good, but the panini was definitely the highlight.  


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